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Should you have your family memorial made with a vase?

This is a question which you must answer based upon several very practical considerations. Consider how often family members visit the cemetery. If your family visits the cemetery regularly, it is practical to have vases for your flowers. If your family only visits the cemetery once every year or so, it is less practical. Another consideration is the type cemetery in which you have your lot. Some cemeteries remove flowers within a few days or a week of placement in the cemetery. If the flowers are in vases attached to an upright memorial, most cemeteries will not remove them. If they are in a vase attached to a bronze memorial level with the lawn you should inquire as to how long they are allowed to remain before removal. Most cemeteries do have some general policy regarding flower regulations. You should familiarize yourself with that policy. Memorial vases are not generally expensive. You can expect to pay $90.00 to $195.00 a pair for Metalcraft vases. Matching granite vases can add from $150.00 to $350.00 per pair depending on the style and color of the vases. Another factor is of course appearance. The look of a traditional memorial is enhanced by the use of memorial vases. This esthetic factor is of course a personal decision you and your family should make. Shown below are the basic types of vases for you to consider. A brief description of each is given with some advantages and disadvantages. 

 Type Vase  Estimated Costs  Advantages  Disadvantages
 Cast Aluminum Vases  $95 - $195 per pair  Inexpensive ~ Attractive Has drain holes and liners. Not permanent ~ Will only last for 15 to 20 years.  
Marble Vases  $120 - $195 per pair   Inexpensive ~ Attractive ~ Has drain holes and liners.  Will deteriorate. Requires longerbase.
Bronze Vases  $150 - $395 per pair  Very Durable ~ Attractive Made for bronze or uprights. More Expensive ~ Subject to Damage by Mowers
 Granite Vases  $120 - $395 per pair  Permanent ~ Very Attractive Has drain holes and .liners. More Expensive ~ Requires longer base.

Cast Aluminum Vases

Most cast aluminum vases are manufactured by the US Metalcraft Corporation. There are many designs and colors to match the different colors of granite. These vases can be installed on the end of the base of a memorial, on a pedestal or on the top of a memorial. Designs are also available for installation on markers
and crypt fronts.
These vases will last 20 to 25 years. They do have a plastic liner and each vase is made with a drain hole. These vases are the most widely used vases for family monuments because of their low cost and
nice appearance.

Marble Vases

Marble vases were the vases of choice for many years. They were rather inexpensive and they were made of a natural material available in colors to match granite memorials. Marble vases are still available. They are a rather inexpensive alternative for families who want vases. The most important negative factor about marble vases is that they are not permanent. They are not as durable as other vases. They are subject to damage by equipment and forces of nature. Marble is by nature soft and it will weather over time. New marble vases have a nice polished finish. However, within 6 months time this finish disappears due to the elements.

Bronze Vases

Bronze vases are very durable and practical for use in the cemetery. Bronze memorials are usually
with a bronze vase. Each foundry has its own style of vase, both round and rectangular. The round vases
the most popular. Square vases give a different look. They are more expensive and do not provide any significant increase of space for flowers. The important point about your bronze vase is that you have the most durable vase available capable of withstanding attacks by lawn mowers and other cemetery machinery. The Doric round vase is an extremely heavy and durable vase. The Centennial vase as supplied by some foundries is much smaller and is definitely not as durable. I always recommend the larger Doric vase unit. Bronze vases can also be placed on upright traditional memorials. Separate bronze vases are available for placement in front of or along side of family memorials. These separate vase containers are usually installed on granite bases to match the family memorial. When in use they sit upright in the base ring of the vase unit and when not in use they can be inverted and placed inside of the protective in-ground container. Base rings are available which can have names, dates and/or verses. Some emblems such as a cross, a Bible and Praying Hands can be cast on to the vase itself.

Granite Vases

Granite vases are a wonderful choice for the traditional upright memorial. Today, granite vases are
far less expensive than they had been in the past due to the advent of newer technologies for the turning
and polishing of granite. Granite vases are permanent. They are available in most granites and can be made
in various shapes and sizes. Polished round vases are becoming very popular today. The granite vases are
expensive initially. However, over the long term, they are more practical because they are permanent.
have drain holes for water to drain and they are usually supplied with either plastic or aluminum liners.
The base of the family memorial must be made long enough for the vases to lool right. It is a good idea
to have at least 10 to 12 inches on either side of the top of the family memorial. Your family memorial will
look best if adequate space is provided
for the granite vases.

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