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Cemetery Memorial Lettering

At Upton R. Standiford & Son, we offer the services of lettering and carving existing
memorials. If you already have a memorial and if you need additional lettering and/or carving on your family memorial, we can complete this on site without disturbing or removing the existing memorial. There are many different types and styles of lettering and design. Some letters are sandblasted while other letters are carved and tooled by hand to match. Some letters machine cut letters while others are hand-drawn letters. Some letters are raised out of the memorial while others are carved in the memorial. It is extremely important to consult with an experienced memorialist to guarantee that new lettering and carvings match the style of the existing lettering and carving. At Standiford Memorials we have been helping families since 1905. I guarantee that our craftsmen will match exactly the existing look of your memorial.

We need the following information in order to proceed:
 * The name of the cemetery
 * The Section and Lot Number of your lot in the cemetery
 * The existing name(s) already on the family memorial
 * The new information you would like to have engraved on the memorial

We need to visit the site to take impressions of the lettering and carving to ensure that we
match the existing lettering. We will provide you with a proposal which will include the
cost involved in order to complete the lettering and/or carving. Some cemeteries do
require written authorization in the form of a permit. Some cemeteries do charge for the
permit. We will let you know what your cemetery requires. Once we have received your
written permission to proceed, we will complete the memorial lettering and carving
and we will notify you upon completion. Other memorial services are available as needed and requested. We do clean marble and granite memorials when needed. It is essential to have your memorial cleaned by a professional with experience in memorial cleaning. Granite memorials are cleaned using mild forms of and acid. If used incorrectly, the polished surfaces of the memorial can be damaged. Marble memorials are cleaned with different types of cleaners depending upon the severity of the condition of the memorial. We sometimes sandblast clean marble memorials to restore their original appearance. Memorials that have been in the cemetery for years sometimes require rejointing. The between the top of the memorial and the base does sometimes deteriorate over time. It becomes necessary to remove the top, to remove the old deteriorated joint compound and to re-joint the memorial with a new setting compound. The compound we use today is much stronger than the compound used many years ago. It takes several weeks for the new joint to cure. Once it has set for several weeks, the memorial joint is like new. Over the course of time memorials might sink if certain conditions exist. When this occurs, it is advisable to contact an experienced memorialist to rectify the situation. It is usually a simple procedure to raise and level a memorial. A memorial which is leaning badly to the front or back can become very dangerous. This situation should be corrected immediately. Once a memorial reaches a certain point if it leans too far the slightest touch can cause it to topple over. There have been a few cases where people have been seriously injured or killed by a falling memorial. To avoid this be sure to contact an experienced memorialist if your memorial is not level. If we notice a proper when we visit your lot for an inscription we will bring it to your attention and make a recommendation to correct the problem. This is not a money-making item. It is a service we provide to all families. Our only charge will be the cost involved to actually perform
the repair work for you.

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