Standiford Memorials
"The Stone of the Ages"

Granite has been used in the process of memorialization for centuries. It has become
the material of choice for all
types of memorialization. The reason is very simple.
The machinery we have today allows us to easily cut, polish,
carve and letter granite.
The basic and most important
trait of granite is that it is permanent. It will not wear away. All memorials made from granite are permanent and everlasting. Shown below
are some samples of some of the
more popular granites used in the memorial industry today.

Rock of Ages Granite from Barre, Vermont
Georgia Granite from Elberton, Georgia
India Black or Jet Black or Flash Black
Dakota Mahogany Granite from Milbank, South Dakota
Canadian Pink from Canada
Salsbury Pink from Salsbury, North Carolina
Kershaw Pink Granite from North Carolina
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