Cemetery Memorials Since 1905 ~ 107Years of Memorial Service

Robert A. Silkworth, the owner of Standiford Memorials,
has been counseling grieving families for 45 years.

"The Memorialist Who Cares".

In 1905, 107 years ago, Upton R. Standiford decided to open a memorial business in Maryland. He and a few friends opened businesses at about the same time. Upton had a son named Charles Albert who learned the business from his father and was destined to continue the family business when his father died in the early forties. "Al" learned the business from his father during his younger years. More importantly he learned from his father the tradition of honesty and trust. When a family arrived to purchase a memorial Upton would note all of the information regarding the sale on a simple index card. He reviewed all of the details with the family and a simple hand shake sealed the deal. "Al" learned this simple technique. The key to the success of Upton R. Standiford was that he did care about satisfying family needs and he did whatever he could to achieve that. His son "Al" carried on that tradition.

He married later in life at the age of 48 and continued to operate the family business until he retired in 1973. Al wanted his family business to continue but he and his lovely wife Betty never had any children. He chose me, Robert A. Silkworth, to carry on the family memorial business and tradition. He gave the business to me with one condition, that I carry on the tradition of caring to provide memorial services to families with the goal of providing quality memorialization at fair prices. This is how I, Robert A. Silkworth, came to be the owner of Standiford Memorials. We continue to operate the memorial business today. We are celebrating 101 years of service to families in Maryland.

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